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MSU Crop Advisory

   Plant Health Care

  - Black Vine Weevil
  - Azalea Bark Scale
  - Lecanium Scale
  - Euonymus Scale
  - Japanese Beetle
  - Leaf Miners
  - Gypsy Moth
  - Emerald Ash Borer
  - Mites
  - Elm Leaf Beetles
  - Pales/Root Collar Weevil
  - Pitch Mass Borer
  - Mimosa Webworm
  - Calico Scale
  - Boxwood Leafminer
  - Viburnum Leaf Beetle
  - Magnolia Scale

  - Pine Wilt
  - Phomopsis Tip Blight of Junipers
  - Diplodia Tip Blight of Pines
  - Dothistroma Needle Blight of Pines
  - Apple Scab
  - Rhizosphaera Needle Cast of Spruce
  - Anthracnose
  - Armillaria Root Rot
  - Powdery Mildew
  - Cytospora Canker
  - Oak Wilt
  - Dutch Elm Disease
  - Bacterial Wet Wood (Slime Flux)
  - Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  - Fungal Cankers

  - Watering
  - Planting
  - Mulching
  - Girdling Roots
  - Chlorosis
  - Vertical Mulching of Trees
  - Improving Soil (Compaction/Drainage)
  - Trees Competing with Turf

      Bio-Turf Lawn Care

  - White Grubs
  - Hairy Chinchbugs
  - Sod Webworm
  - European Cranefly

   - Ascochyta Leaf Blight
   - Leaf Spot/Melting Out
   - Dollar Spot
   - Red Thread

  - Watering
  - Mowing
  - Core Aeration
  - Heat Tracking

  - Moles

   Pest of the Month

  - Spruce Mite

  - Weeds in Lawns

  - Lace Bugs

  - Sod Webworm

  - Soil Compaction

  - Preparing Your Landscape for Winter

  The "Cutting Edge"

Keeping you informed of changes in our industry, environment, and those we make as a company has always been our goal so that we may provide you with better results. Here is updated information on the laws that regulate pesticide applications, new insect and/or disease issues, and new products we are using.

Updates & New Info
  - Information on Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder
  - Updated Regulations
  - Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care
  - Thousand Canker Disease
   - Beech Bark Disease
  - Invasives Species

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New Products
  - Turf Shield
  - Agri-Fos

Past Events

Plant Health Care Division
Tree, shrub, and plant health care, disease & insect management, growth control

Tree Pruning & Removal
Pruning, trimming, shaping, removal

Bioturf Lawn Care
Fertilization, weed treatments, disease and insect control

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We are a team of urban foresters and arborists dedicated to tree health and preservation. Find out more about who we are and discover why we have a passion for what we do!

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